Shared Snood, 2018

Ōtautahi Korerotia

Ōtautahi Christchurch

Community engaged project
Photography: Janneth Gil

Shared Snood was about community, history, knowledge exchange and feminism - with a wink and a nod to the stereotypes around macramé and 1970’s feminists.

Hosted in a community cottage by Artist Run Space, Ōtautahi Kōrerotia, this community engaged project saw the making of an art object and a conscious space for exchanging ideas and experiences over six weeks.
The project had three parts:

︎A weekly event which shared the history of feminism with casual talks by a variety of folx, followed by discussion and shared kai.

︎ During the events, all present worked on a giant macramé soft sculpture. 

︎The snood went on to operate in performances and installation in various spaces as a residue of the events and a collaborative reading list was compiled as part of the event.
Themes of the six-week programme:

The F-Word: A brief history of Feminism(s), with a talk by Hadassah Grace

Marxism and Macramé: Craft, labour and community space, with talks by Sionainn Byrnes and Bojana Rimbovska

Mana Wāhine: De-colonising Aotearoa and dismantling white supremacy, with talks by Jess McLean and Kirsty Dunn

Gender is an Ocean: Gender, sexuality and queering, with talks by Jennifer Shields and Khye Hitchcock

Not ur bae: Witches, bitches and nasty women, with talks by Ashlin Raymond, Erin Harrington and Ruth Gardener

When Life gives you Orange Bigots: Active methods of smashing the patriarchy, with talks by Alice Anderson, Danielle O’Halloran and Gemma Syme